Welcome!  We’re a fun, laid-back, chilled out survival MC server.  Everyone must read our server rules if you want to join. You’ll have to also hop on our Discord Server!

Server Info

server: [whitelist required]

New Host, New Admin!

ElCornel has graciously allowed us to migrate over to his “Guilder” server for Treepunchers. You can still use for your address! Enjoy yourselves but please, as always, keep things chill.

Raid The End! (TBD)

zara0220 is trying to plan and coordinate a raid on The End!  If you are interested in participating, you should pop over to our sub-reddit and post up.  The more folks we have, the more fun it should be!

END RAID!!!! from treepunchers

Updated to 1.11.2!

The server has been updated to the latest version of Minecraft.  I will try and keep up-to-date on the latest stable version of MC.  Enjoy!

Server Rules have been added

Our Server rules have been added however they are slightly incomplete at the moment. I’ll make another post about them once I’ve completed. All users are expected to know and abide by said rules. is back online!

Just so you know, we’ve brought the minecraft server back up and things are cooking finally.  You will spawn @ “Admin Island”.  You’ll need to follow the path and head over to the mainland.  Good luck and have fun!