Server Admins

We’re still building the server right now. We might be open to those that are skilled, ethical admins to help run the server, but we will have to get to know you first. Please don’t ask to be an admin as that’s a sure way to not become one.

Have fun and enjoy your stay @!


Founder of Without him, we would still be neck deep in the ashes of SheepRock!


Founder of, a gaming community partner of I help host the server and admin the actual files to keep bits running smoothly. If you are having issues, please let me know:


One of our old admins. Mac is a great guy and can help out if you have questions or issues.


He is a great redstone guy. He’s also one of the parents of some of the kids on the server. He’s in school trying to migrate from a nurse to a doctor. So he may be around infrequently.